Hi and welcome to the British Vampire Association

1240465_585027848210996_202470456_nBy Sophie

Vampires can be defined as those who need to feed from human blood or psychically from nature, crowds, individuals or electricity, or any other sources of energy in order to be balanced and prevent being drained.

BVA provides an opportunity for vampires to share and discuss their journey from awakening to everyday living whilst ensuring the safety both of themselves and any others involved. It is also intended to assist new vampires in coming to terms with different aspects of their awakening, providing assistance and suggestions to ensure a safe passage to a deeper existence.

There is no right way to be a vampire. Everyone is individual, and everyone’s stories are different. Therefore it is critical when sharing ideas that we offer respect and allow each other the free space to explore who we are. That having been said, to be a part of the community there are a number of expectations:

  1. Safety. Ensuring the wellbeing of yourself and others with whom you engage will ensure the continued existence of our community. If you feed from blood, please ensure you know first aid and minimise any infections including hepatitis and HIV.
  2. Consensual. Do not do anything to another without their consent.
  3. Respectful. Allowing someone else the space to explore their path might even help you with yours.
  4. Only engage in vampiric practices with those over the age of 18.
  5. Do not publish any personal details of any other member without their permission
  6. Do not copy any other post without that person’s permission. Our stories are sacred to us, and respect is paramount.

Being a vampire can be dark and scary. It can also be beautiful, magical and powerful. Finding yourself, who you truly are, is both fantastic and alluring. It can mean feeling full, travelling on the astral, being liberated and owning a personal sense of freedom. It can also enable new friends, and answers to questions that never seemed to lead anywhere. Suddenly the impossible can seem feasible, talents and abilities you only read about in books becoming second nature.

My own story:

Suddenly the world blossomed out into different hues, energy and vibrations. I found I had new friends in spirit, friends I hadn’t even known were there and around me. Different entities were pushing at me, trying to find out who I was. I felt afraid as vampire spirits gathered around me yet I also became aware of something stirring in myself. Uncomfortable I pushed it away believing it to be evil and wrong. I felt it awaken in me anyway, and I blamed the spirits for it and thought I was being turned. I know now it was an illusion created through awakening, but I understand how I drew that conclusion at the time.

I found someone I could talk to at work who happened to know about these kinds of things. On a walk she introduced me to the notions of different kinds of kin, and this is how I became involved in the community. Through working with kin, I managed to get a handle of my vampiric traits arising within me, which eventually led me to deliver a talk on vampires at a local pagan group. Within that book I used, I found pathways to the vampiric community who were both welcoming and accepting toward me.

All our stories are different. What is important is that we have the opportunity to listen, learn, discuss and share where we want. With openness, tolerance and acceptance, I hope you have every opportunity to join with us as we journey together.


3 thoughts on “Hi and welcome to the British Vampire Association

    • 90s, no. I didn’t even properly start exploring spirituality until 2002. In 2005 I started keeping a journal of some of my experiences. I was encouraged by my mentor to start exploring online. But it wasn’t much later when I really found the vampire society, which would be around 2008 (ish).

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